Tony Burton, aka Prodigy, is the fourth and last Forum Administrator of DragonScape. He is 17 years old, and his birthday is on the 23rd of March. He used to be registered under the name of Vokey.

Prodigy is Staff on DragonScape, and is partnered with Dragonking in the task of coding the 317 PK Server.

Tony lives in Wisconsin, US, and loves Paintballing. He works in a store named Victory Fireworks. He visits his girlfriend frequently. Generally a positive person, but knows how to put people in their place.

Prodigy was responsible for the ban of DragonScape's top poster, Demonkill101. Demonkill101, who had the rank of "Sir Spamalot" was accused of hacking the Windows Live Messenger account of Mystik Magick, a Forum Moderator. When accused he admitted and flamed many members, including Mystik Magick and Prodigy. He was banned for 9999 days.

His name appears red on the forums, and deep blue ingame.