DragonScape is an RSPS (RuneScape Private Server), which was created in 2008 by Patrick Mencias-Lewis.

What makes DragonScape remarkable is that it has two version to please all players; DragonScape Classic (317) and DragonScape 508. Both servers are maintained with an advanced VPS which is payed for by Donators, although sometimes Patrick must use his own money.

The server is Co-Owned by Zyle Moore(AKA Zymus), who is acclaimed for being Dragonking's cousin. Zyle is very mysterious and often speaks in specific pickings of words, so as to conceal whatever it is he is trying to tell you. The server also has a Head of Staff, whose name is Claire. She is registered with the username Prettybirds, and her name is the only one to appear pink on the server. Both Claire and Zyle Administrate the Forum with Patrick.

The server incorporates many Custom Features; it's 317 hosting a vast quantity of custom items; and it's 508 bearing Wings, a Music Cape, a Dragon Cape and a Needler! It also incorporates some items from 525 Servers, including Dragon Plates, Dragon Claws and Dagon'hai! What's more, the 508 also includes a custom Boss Fight, the Khaotic Dracon.

Both servers use Camelot as their Home, and it is here where you can train Combat Skills to 50. There are also various NPCs that can teleport you to places, such as Master and Mandrith. Both servers also include most of the skills, and Skillcapes. The Staff on DragonScape are very cleverly assembled. With a Mod > Admin > Staff > Owner system in play, and each category being delicately filled, DragonScape bares a wonderful Team of Staff. For more information, see; Team of Staff (coming soon)

DragonScape PvP

DragonScape is renowned for it's excellent PvP structures. DragonScape offers a simple and fair PvP system, with 100% Drops, just like "Old School Wilderness". It also includes PK Points, which can then be spent at a PK Point Store. For more Information, see; DragonScape PvP (coming soon).